‘Twas feckish, and the irkly grobes
Did fark and fistle in the slade;
All dingly were the rectiprobes
And the dampnuts updrade.

“Beware the Trumplewock, my friend!
The bigly mouth, those puny mitts!
Beware the Tweet bird, and off-fend
The cronious Perkletits!”

She packed her poisal voice and went:
Fat chance the vapid imp she’d spare—
So quivered he ‘neath his Cheato tree,
And feebly cried, “Unfair!”

And, as the greelish light grew pale,
The Trumplewock, with wits of wood,
Came grabbling through the femly vale
Because he thought he could!

Eins, zwei! Eins, zwei! And quick as pie
The poisal voice sliced fierce and true:
“Go flay yourself, you mawkish elf,
And burn the residue!”

The Trumplewock would rue the day
He left his diddlepot of lack.
The frankish words would haunt him ‘til
He went galumphing back.

‘Twas feckish, and the irkly grobes
Did fark and fistle in the slade;
All dingly were the rectiprobes
And the dampnuts updrade.


Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s unmatched feat of “glorious nonsense,” JABBERWOCKY.

58 thoughts on “Trumplewocky

    • Well, I’m glad for your child’s heart’s sake that I went the extra mile and refined the expletives that reigned in the earlier drafts. Lol! It does, indeed, come from a place of darkness and trying to make sense out of nonsense, but it feels great to know it’s been a source of laughter. Thanks so much for your kind words. 😊

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    • So glad this resonated. I think it makes just about as much sense as anything does these days… Thanks for including this piece in your article, as well (I will definitely give it a thorough read when time allows). As for using it as a substitute/interim National Anthem, do you happen to have a melody in mind, or do you think putting on a thick Scottish brogue would suffice? 😉

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  2. I absolutley LOVE this. I rarely follow others as I find it distracts me from what I am endeavouring to do!! And I almost never comment! I would love to perform this at a tiny local village cabaret? I promise I would do it justice and credit you accordingly. I hope this would be o.k.? As a poet myself it will be an unusual thing for me not to ‘showcase’ my own words…this is beyond brilliant….and I would love to share it with my, tiny, local community! Did you know that when I clicked the share I made on FB it now takes you to a page not found? There were options for a search that helped me locate it…but I did wonder if you were aware of that? In awe at your creativity. Kat Robertson.

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    • A cabaret! Now you’re talking! Haha! That would be so lovely if you shared it thusly, and such as honor. The only thing that would make it more awesome, is if you were able to get an audio or video recording and share the link with me. Thank you!

      As for the Facebook link, that doesn’t surprise me, but thanks for letting me know. I’m constantly encountering such bugs with WordPress.
      I wonder if it has something to do with my being too cheap to pay for an upgraded plan?
      Thanks, again, for your wonderful praise. I’m afraid that this is what my brand of activism generally looks like, but at least in this case, it seems to be resonating, and inspiring laughter… 😊


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