Poems for Days 18 & 19 of the May 30/30 Challenge…

Insecurity (Day 18)

born a bastard
i was cast
on a doorstep of nobles     & founded
in a mold of changing hands
& intrigue…

Rationale for Missing Deadlines (Day 19)

As a child     I so loved looking from the outside in
at frozen images portraying quaint examples
of how time took longer
for folks in the olden days…

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My Day 17 Poem for the May 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press!


Things I Cannot Say 

With reverence for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and with special thanks to Robert Okaji for supplying the title that breathed life into this poem 

Even when you are a one-year-old jumping out of your crib
(you have no reason for having jumped, but once it’s done,
and the thud you’ve made that was loud but didn’t hurt…

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My Day 15 Poem for the May 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press!



What cause did I provision for my own death
to be ordered & carried out?  Which of my features

amounted to monstrosity?     My prescience to forewarn your
Lycian forebears of cataclysmic storms & volcanic eruptions? (…)

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I’ve managed to scrape to the half-way point, and would still be ever so grateful for your generous HELP!

My Day 10 Poem for the May 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press


Ars Wormetica


Sure, I’d had a worm’s eye view of what I’d be asking
for by opening that can, but it wasn’t enough to keep me
from taking it in the grip of my one hand, & sinking
the opener’s tiny, circular saw into the tin-lined-steel lid
with the stubborn squeeze of my other…

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