Meet Cosplayer Cam Harper – And Her Pet Dalek!

My amazing, talented daughter (oh, and her Dalek…) is a featured cosplayer on!

Hello, fellow Whovians!  I would like you to meet “mover, shaker, Dalek Maker” Cameren Harper – who along with her Dad, built Dalek Cas.  Being somewhat of a Doctor Who fan myself, when Cam and I crossed paths in the Twitterverse, and then when I saw some pictures of her Dalek on Deviant Art, I felt that she would be an awesome addition to our cosplay interviews.  And luckily enough, she agreed! 

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Meet Dalek Cas!

My husband, Lord Davros, has been hatching his evil plan to wipe out humankind… Eighteen months and 8,000 beers later, the fruit of his labor and passion has emerged in the form of this handsome devil:


Can the love-child of a sentimentally artistic human and the coldly calculating super-genius and incarnation of evil thwart the demise of humanity with her limitless capacity for love?



Portland Comic-Con January 24, 2015…