My poem,”Tempted,” is up at Figroot Press…

My poem, “Tempted,” is now live at Figroot Press!


Many thanks to editor Tamara Franks for including this quirky (now, no-longer-lonely) piece — a sestina in the voice of a siren, page 19! — in Figroot’s first special themed issue, For My Lover, She is Fair: a Sappho Tribute, available for free download in pdf or purchase in print HERE!


2 thoughts on “My poem,”Tempted,” is up at Figroot Press…

    • Thank you, Jazz, for going to the trouble! I’m so glad they took this poem for the Sappho Tribute, as its oddball nature (even in its current context, though to a lesser extent) has precluded its ability to find a home until now. And yes, my experience with Figroot so far has been delightful. There are definitely “all kinds” out there…

      I’m sorry about the link not working. It still seems to work from my end. I’ve had folks tell me before that my links don’t work. Maybe it’s a Mac/PC thing?


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