My Day 8 Poem for the May 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press




When the glacial lake outburst flood first scored

her watershed dawn into the earth’s bones

she was meant to be…

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These 30/30 poems (one per day for 30 days in a row!) must necessarily be composed and published at quite a frenetic pace, especially for “perfectionistic” (which is a far cry from perfect…) me. I’m revealing some pretty raw stuff, and I deeply appreciate the support of everyone reading along! Thank you so much!  

My Day 5 Poem for the 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press!


Hypochondria Blues

With gratitude to Crow at Words and Feathers for choosing the words, badger, thrombosis, and erectile

What you’ve got is only a touch of neurosis,
so don’t get your knickers all bunched in a twist—
your worries will give you a deep vein thrombosis!

Do you think there’s a prize for a self-diagnosis? (…) 

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Come join the fun!

My Day 4 Poem for the 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press!

Because I Said So

Because I Said So

With Thanks to Clyde Long for Naming That Title & 3 Words!

It’s been the same, old thing, year after year:
You mope around, all gloomy and convective,
grow turbulent with variable shear…

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These interactive challenges have been great fun so far, and extremely helpful and rewarding to me! Please keep ’em coming!

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May 2017 Tupelo Press 30/30 Challenge!


I’ve really done it now… Starting today, for the month of May 2017, I will be participating in the Tupelo Press  30/30 Challenge—a program that both raises funds for a non-profit champion of the literary arts, and provides an online platform for poets to showcase their humiliat-er-heroic efforts to take their writing practices to new, poetic heights—which means that I will be relying on a month-long, panic-induced adrenaline surge to compose a new poem each day for 30 days!

But wait…there’s more!

In order to make my poetic endeavors as fruitful and rewarding as possible for all involved (because, face it, I will involve you, one way or the other), and to encourage your generous funding of a cornerstone of literary excellence in the independent publishing industry, Tupelo Press, I hereby offer these valuable incentives for DONATIONS in the following amounts:

$15: Commission a Sonnet! Shall I write of Rainbows? Broccoli? A Colonoscopy? Porcupines? A Holiday or Event? Your wish is my command (as long as it won’t get me arrested)!

$15: Specify 3 words for me to include a poem. If it’s Google-able, it’s fair game!

$15: Name that Title! You provide the title, and I’ll provide its poem in an unspecified format (probably free verse, but it could end up being rhymey and/or metrical). If you can think it up, I’ll give it my best shot to do it justice!

$25: Combo Deal! Choose any two of the three options (Sonnet and Words, Words and Title, or Sonnet and Title).

$35: Best bang for your buck! Combine all three options!

Donate Here , then submit your assignments to me via my email . Your requests will be honored in the order in which they are received.

$Any Amount: Express your support for this worthy cause at your discretion! Your vote of confidence in me (and in the poetic arts) will be of enormous help!

Thank you, Everyone, for your support and enthusiasm as I take on this unprecedented (for me…) challenge!

Let’s make some poetry!