Death by Colonoscopy

Gasoline is what it most resembles–
That high-octane concoction for your cleaning
Relies upon the basic fundamentals
Applied to pipes and valves in need of preening.
Like carburetors sputtering to life,
Upon consuming lubricants and fire,
Intestines active with vocations rife
Explode in songs of torrents they inspire!
Though chrome might shine when doused in caustic juices,
And pistons made of steel defy combustion,
Membranes of flesh are known for gentler uses,
Refined for tasks related to digestion!
I dutifully swallowed Satan’s nectar
And rode shit creek without a surge protector!

5 thoughts on “Death by Colonoscopy

  1. A sonnet that wonderfully poeticises this godawful procedure (cleverly analogized to servicing a car). Last two lines are the piece de resistance — perfect ‘ending’!

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