Ode to Sea Bunnies

“The cuddly-looking creatures come armed with ‘incredibly long copulatory spines,’” Ángel Valdés, Ph.D., sea slug expert in NatGeo Sea Bunnies

Adorable, uh, sea slugs...

Adorable, uh, sea slugs…

So small, you might’ve remained undetected!
You wonderful creatures possess verve and charm,
all sporting accessories sharply erected
(your cuteness-incarnate is quite unaffected)
and poised for the pointed delivery of sperm.
So small, you might’ve remained undetected,
surviving the eons as nature selected,
earning maximum bang for the buck…What’s the harm
if a parcel perchance has a part that’s erected?
Where kits are concerned, a caboodle’s expected…
You sweet marine emblems of Easter disarm
with spirit too bold to remain undetected,
though vitreous bodies—with vision obstructed
by airborne banalities, vague and infirm—
still pigeonhole widgets (however erected)
as watertight proof our souls should be deflected
from courses and aims that outdistance the norm…
Too large for this world to remain undetected,
you hold in your quivers my hope resurrected!


An earlier incarnation of “Ode to Sea Bunnies” was published on this blog two years ago.

6 thoughts on “Ode to Sea Bunnies

  1. I am curious about this sea creature as I examine it. They look cute and fluffy but I see that they got spines, possibly, poisonous spines. I am simply amazed and infatuated by this odd looking creature. Like discovering that the world is a sphere after being told that it is flat. Don’t know how this cute thing got passed me. Some good rhymes and nice selection of scientific words which marvel me, out of my ignorance. the third quatrain is probably my favorite one. eons, something intriguing about that word? Words, I would never thin of in a million light-years. Word vocabulary is excellent. I will probably do a little research on this sea creature after reading and discovering it, i just wanna know more about it for some bizarre reason. A lot of effort went into this poem, it seems. i give six Easter eggs out of a scale of 1-6. Cute sea creatures, wonder if them spines are poisonous? I would hate to pick up one of these scuba diving and get zapped! Educational poem.

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