Poems for Days 23 & 24 of the May 30/30 Challenge are up at Tupelo Press!

plants in moonlightI got #24 in last night at about 10 pm, so count it! It’s coming down to the wire here, and I may very well have dug as deep as deep goes, but who knows? No one’s singing just yet… Thanks so much for following along with me this month, everyone!

Psychedelic (Day 23)

in a substance-less trip
to the universe yet to be
where atoms infused with
one and a half teaspoons of photons…

Osmosis, and the Willingness of Light to Participate (Day 24)

With thanks to Ken Gierke* for supplying the title!

When     at the behest of a word
light—as in     Let there be…—was parsed
apart from her swirling enmeshment in shadow
such that stultified yang stretched out
into a borderless     yin-less orphan
only to be instructed to believe it was good
was the day she dissociated from her true self
somewhere in spacetime…

Continue reading both pieces (& catch up on Days 1-22) here!

*Check out Ken’s lovely work on WordPress at rivrvlogr !

8 thoughts on “Poems for Days 23 & 24 of the May 30/30 Challenge are up at Tupelo Press!

    • Indeed! Your contribution couldn’t have been more timely/synchronistic, as “Psychedelic” had just begun to brew in its photon infusion, but I wasn’t thrilled with the tone of lament that it couldn’t quite shake. “Osmosis” gave those photons a more satisfying purpose to look forward to (and they’ll definitely be revisited when time allows!). Thanks, again, Ken, for tuning in and helping out!

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