30 thoughts on “Day 25 of 30!

  1. If the incident had only been so exciting. I merely explained to the student that he would be treated like the other 110 prestigious fellowship holders, i.e., no, we weren’t going to bend the rules for him, we weren’t going to change policy or practice at his request. He followed up with email after email, to which I finally quit responding (no was still no), complaints to fellow Assistant Deans (about my not responding) and to my boss, the Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies. She asked me about it, and I said “He’s an ass.” To which she replied, “Okay.” And that was that. One of my favorite bosses ever! But I remain forever soulless. If only I had a beret and goatee to flaunt it!

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    • I’m sorry that grad student was horrible to you, but what’s stopping you from procuring and/or growing the requisite items? Lol!
      Once “soulless bureaucrat” was in my head, I couldn’t un-hear it. If I’d had more time, “Rime of the Soulless Bureaucrat” might’ve happened:

      It is a soulless bureaucrat–
      as anyone can see
      by his bright blue beret,
      glass of Bordeaux,
      and impeccably groomed goatee!

      Hmm. Maybe I’ll hatch a dingleberry yet? I still have 8 hours left today…

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      • 99% of the fellowship holders were a pleasure to work with, and I enjoyed our encounters. But there were those few… I found the complaints amusing, especially the one with the dean, as I’d worked for her in a different capacity years before, and had built up some credibility over the years. Some people might describe me as a nice guy. Really! 😐

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