13 thoughts on “Two Poems up at Isacoustic*

  1. Nice to have to crack the dictionary open for the anatomical/biology terminology in ‘Dross’, the conclusion is sharp too. i Like that almost-disintegration leading to the 3 word unity “burbled to pitch.” Effortless use space.
    ‘Chimera’ is nothing sort of a vertiginous assault on the senses. Bravo Stephanie.

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    • My knowledge of those terms in “Dross” pertaining to anatomical dysfunction is first-hand, so I was obliged to re-appropriate them…

      “Chimera” was born out of a fascination I developed for the phenomenon of micorchimerism (something I’d stumbled across in one internet rabbit hole or another), which resonated on a psychic level, as you might imagine. Yes, the point was to leave the reader “reeling” with the sense of being confronted with our deep history of misogyny. I appreciate knowing your impressions.

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      • It’s all gold Stephanie. Always easy to leave impressions, you jab at me & they spill out.

        If you have something for Underfoot, send it along, sure we can find some space for you in the coming weeks. Do you have the info? if not i can send it along.

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      • Merci, Daniel! Oh yes, I remember you tweeting something about guest editing an upcoming edition of Underfoot. Congrats on landing such a cool gig! That would be great if you could send the details!


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