Poem up at Panoply!


My poem, “In Praise of Reason,”  has been published in Panoply’s themed (“untamed”) and first-ever contest issue! I’m thrilled to have my poem appear with Robert Okaji’s contest-winning effort, and I’m grateful to editors Jeff, Ryn, and Andrea for selecting my work!

30 thoughts on “Poem up at Panoply!

  1. I love this one, Stephanie – the “voices” … tree, spider, restraint … the implications of letting a certain voice be unleashed … you’ve written a thriller!
    And that tree image is amazing, also – I can imagine speaking the unspeakable in the presence of such a tree, feeling safe that tree would hold my confidences in its elbows.

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    • Thank you, S.J., you always see right to the core of my poems (and, by association, of me…). Yes, this piece was informed by the chatter of a multitude of discordant entities… But yes, there is much peace to be found in the arms of that tree. 💖

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