Two Poems up at Cathexis Northwest Press


My poems, “Missive (to the White Oak’s Depths)” and “Elegy for My Former Self,” are live in the July 2021 issue of Cathexis Northwest Press. Heartfelt thanks to editor C. M. Tollefson for selecting these pieces. 

Please also enjoy the audio renditions of these poems, courtesy of—your favorite poet and mine—the one and only Robert Okaji!

Elegy for My Former Self.jpg!d

9 thoughts on “Two Poems up at Cathexis Northwest Press

  1. “that my ruddy blood can dream / amidst the mycelial thrum” and “leave the beach / ravaged in its briny slaver,” – among other wonderful lines my mouth can’t get enough of!!! And congrats, Stephanie!

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  2. Congratulations! Both poems are captivating, and based on first-person pronoun presentation a before-and-after set. Cool. I especially like the Elegy. For sure, the perfect poem to read for “Independence Day” though likely that was not foremost in mind while crafting this vivid expression of breaking free. Hats off to the squalls that move us, draw us from our depths, transform us.

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    • Wow, Jazz! I wish I could express how touching it is to me that you perceive the universal element in my personal, relatively tiny entreaties, laments, and celebrations… You make me feel like I make a difference, which is ultimately what the artist in me yearns to do. Thank you for being you!

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