Fuel for Flight

Aaaand… one more, while we’re on the Shakespearean Love Sonnet theme…  I wrote this for my beloved husband just a couple of years back! Don’t mind the roadside warning graphics — they’re only ornamental!!

from Google Images

from Google Images

Your love once sent me flying to the moon,
But now I’ve landed solidly on ground.
Your jets at idle, I no longer swoon
From ventures superceding speed of sound!

You dress to go on your bi-monthly run;
I dress, if there’s somewhere I have to be.
Your eyes (do they still sparkle like the sun?),
Without my specs, my love, I cannot see.

No longer do I dream of bees or birds–
The hives are barren; nests have blown away:
Our teenagers now speak the “choicest” words,
For we are out of fertile things to say.

My love, though we have traveled beyond lust,
Jets may have cooled, but haven’t lost their thrust…


4 thoughts on “Fuel for Flight

  1. So, maybe it’s a Shakespearean love sonnet in form, but in content, this is a Harperian sonnet! You have a unique way of poeticising the real in not just this one, but in all your work. And I think that because you convey things so refreshingly honestly, it would appeal to many.
    I hope this is or will be another contest submission. Big future there, girl!

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  2. Thank you for your sweet, positive feedback. It’s sure been a bright spot in my day to receive it! 😊
    My son had the idea that I should write on commission, in light of some of the unexpected, but universal subject matter I’ve approached. Why not? Artists do it all the time! A sonnet on any topic of your choosing…for a price. Lol!
    Not sure about the “size” of my future in store writing poems, but any future I can imagine that involves me still being able to be what I essentially am, a poet, is certainly blessed.

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  3. Wow! I would like to reply by taking help of a poem I read by David Whyte:

    Mid life woman
    you are not
    invisible to me.
    I seem to see
    beneath your face
    all the women
    you have ever been.

    Midlife woman
    I have grown with you
    in another parallel,
    breathing with you
    as you breathed,
    seeing with you
    as you see,
    lining my face
    with an earned care
    as you lined yours,
    waiting for you
    as it seems
    you waited for me.

    Mid life woman
    I see your
    inner complexion
    breathing beneath
    your outward gaze,
    I see all your lives
    and all your loves,
    it must be for you
    that I wanted to become
    more generous,
    a better man
    than ever I could be
    when young,
    let me join all your
    present giving
    and all your receiving,
    through you I learn
    the full imagination
    of every previous affection.

    Mid life woman
    you are not invisible to me,
    in you
    I see a young girl,
    lifting her face to the sky,
    I see the young woman
    in haloed light,
    full and strong,
    standing before
    the altar of time,
    waiting for her chosen.

    I see the mother in you,
    in your past
    or in some yet
    to be understood
    I see you
    adoring and
    I see you adored,
    and now,
    when I call your name
    I want to see
    day by day,
    the woman
    you will become
    with me.

    Mid-life woman
    come to me now,
    I see you more clearly
    than all
    the airbrushed
    girls of the world.

    Mid life woman,
    In the dark of the night
    I take you in my arms
    and in that embracing
    invisibility feel all of your
    inner lives made touchable
    and visible again.

    Mid-life woman
    I have earned
    my ability to adore you.

    Mid life woman
    you are not invisible to me.
    Come to me now
    and let me kiss passionately
    all the beautiful women
    who have
    ever lived in you.

    My promise
    is to you now
    and all their future lives.

    — Mid Life Woman, from The Sea In You

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    • I like that you seem to be able to see the earnestness of the love message behind the facade of humor in my sonnet. The response poem is lovely — in depth and sentiment. It “gets” what is at stake, and I am honored that you took the time to share this piece with me. Thank you!

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