Reach for me, for I am
not made of this
fleshy shell; I am deeper.

Reach to the beyond-bone of me,
to the warm & ancient
dark of me.

Find where all my unsaying
resides & swells nameless,
& with your tongue, teach me
to speak. Reach
into the buried of me, stoke
& survey the embers
of my death-preceded devouring,
score my borders,
& till my soil nitrogenous.

Then let me be a sieve for your waters,
& for the salt of your deep,
the belly of hope.



30 thoughts on “Reach

  1. So much emotion surges as I read this for the 3rd (or is it the 4th?) time …
    I was thoroughly into a human love poem on first read … till suddenly it was something MUCH bigger.
    Inner vibrations I receive reading the third stanza – powerful suggestion leaving space for ample imagination. And “the salt of your deep, / the belly of hope” – so beautiful, so true.

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