Poem Up at Songs of Eretz Poetry Review!


My poem, “Salt,” (just scroll down) is live at the Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, the “love” issue, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Many thanks to editors Steve Gordon and Terri Lynn Cummings for sensitively engaging with and selecting this piece for publication.

5 thoughts on “Poem Up at Songs of Eretz Poetry Review!

  1. Fabulous collection, your “Salt” especially. Use of salt and nitrogenous spiced this up sensually. But I felt the poem on levels beyond physical … each of us a deep Soul, hoping another will reach for us, reach into our depths, merge … if but for a few moments. (Then again, please, for a few more.)

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    • Yes! On the surface, it seems like it shouldn’t be so much to hope for — but for our depths, our souls and will to live, the possibility of such merging is everything to hope for! And by the same token, the abject sense of its absence is unbearable nothing.

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