Hypochondria Blues (with recording)


Hypochondria Blues

What you’ve got is only a touch of neurosis,
so don’t get your knickers all bunched in a twist—
such worries will give you a deep vein thrombosis!

Do you think there’s a prize for a self-diagnosis?
Stop looking for lesions; don’t palpate that cyst!
What you’re dealing with here’s just a bit of neurosis…

That smart phone is gonna cause spinal stenosis!
The search engine’s warning that if you persist,
you’ll likely wind up with a deep vein thrombosis!

You’d have known it by now if you had halitosis—
like a boil, it’s something not easily missed.
Better face it, you’ve got a small case of neurosis…

Now, what would possess you to google psychosis?
Let me guess… The voices submitted a list?
Are they helping you summon a deep vein thrombosis?

It’s not a news flash you’ve got some type of -osis
but the poking of badgers is what gets them pissed…
So give it a rest! Embrace your neurosis!
Who needs all the fuss of a deep vein thrombosis?

(Just to be on the safe side, look up

Instrumental: Disquiet by Kevin MacLeod


“Hypochondria Blues” was published in peaceCENTERbooks’ 2018 anthology THE LARGER GEOMETRY. Thank you to editor d. ellis phelps for including this piece in such an inspiring collection!
Author note:
This is one of those rare poems that was in no way whatsoever informed by my real-life experience… 😉

11 thoughts on “Hypochondria Blues (with recording)

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      • I couldn’t figure out how to submit a comment on your blog. You’ve got an interesting framework for a YA suspense story so far. You are a skilled prose writer, which is the thing that poses the biggest challenge for most people. In your case, you just need to iron out some kinks in the plot and add in some details to make the whole pandemic backdrop more convincing (for instance, have the law enforcement people actually practicing social distancing measures during interactions with the public and each other). Good luck!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I absolutely will! It might take me some time, as (believe it or not) I’m recovering from Covid-19, which I was coming down with on the day I posted “Hypochondria Blues” in an attempt to convince myself that I was just being paranoid… Sigh.


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