11 thoughts on “Poem up at Whale Road Review!

  1. Stephanie, you’ve sent me straight out to commune with “my tree” – how many times have I looked up through its branches to better understand what’s going on within? BEAUTIFUL poem here!
    (My tree is a humongous live oak in my front yard – huge influence in my choice of this property back in 1986 – huge nuisance once a year with dropping of leaves – habitat for all sorts of critters including my son in his adolescence – survivor of oak wilt 10 years back, but now showing signs of ultimate death bit by bit from tips downward. I struggle with whether to take the eyesore out or hold onto the one thing I have consistently hugged through the many life changes since 1986.)

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  2. This had exactly the sort of healing effect on me that actual trees do. I wish that the activities going on in my cranium were more on the arboreal level… though it’s not unattainable, with practice!

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