Poem up at Moonchild Magazine!

Thank you to Editor in Chief Nadia Gerassimenko for nominating my poem “Risen” for a Pushcart Prize and including it in her tour de force (and fun and interactive!) compilation of poetry, short prose, visual art, and other mixed-media creations that is issue 7 of Moonchild Magazine!

View in landscape on a tablet or computer screen to appreciate the full experience.

4 thoughts on “Poem up at Moonchild Magazine!

    • Thanks, Jazz! “Risen” has managed to get around a bit, even though I’ve never thought of it as one of my “favorite” poems, but I’ve been appreciating it more and more, lately.🌙 It keeps re-asserting itself — I mean, when the call at Moonchild went out for incantatory moon-inspired healing poems, of course I had to submit it! There must be something to it… Currently, a revised (still a crescent but a bit less clunky) version of this poem is included in my full-length collection that I’m submitting. As for the photo, I somehow feel a lot less self-conscious hiding behind a gorgeous feline. 😉


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