Letter to My Love, Flouting Miles


 interminable slumber

Letter to My Love, Flouting Miles

Dear Bob: Though the maps may superimpose
their abject separateness upon the thousands of miles
between us with traditional lettered-&-numbered-grids;
& though your birth into this timeline sixty years ago
graced the cosmos just shy of twelve earth-years
(also known as a full cycle of the Chinese zodiac)
before mine, I dare say that you & I are timeless—
certainly no less so than those archaic dragons
whose subterranean nests we are to extrapolate
from the fumaroles erupting at the maps' folds.

Of course, such implications of fierceness
can seem forbidding…
But for all the scaly terror of their talons
& spiky tails quaintly curled around caches
of sapphires, emeralds & gold medallions,
what those beasts are best known for
is interminable slumber, whereas we are wide awake—
besides, however notoriously considerable
our sundry existential concerns tend to be,
no one would fault us dogs for not knowing
our way home!
Long before I even knew I knew you,
something in me knew you were my One,
which is how I know I will find my way to your arms,
where I will remain yours forever, Stephanie.

10 thoughts on “Letter to My Love, Flouting Miles

  1. “Long before I even knew I knew you”! Unforgettable line! Lovely “letter”, Stephanie! And what a great photo, each of you leaning toward the other across a fence!

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    • Thanks, Lynne! This poem was actually a response to a letter poem Bob had written to me just before his 60th birthday, and which was subsequently published in Slippery Elm. My response here is seeing the light of day for the first time on my blog — I thought today was a good day for its debut. 😀
      Matthew took that photo of us at our socially distant (hmm, a running theme…) “wedding” in September.

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  2. I can feel the vibration in every line – sense how that must’ve accelerated as the two of you came closer, closer to togetherness. Wonderful Valentine! And wonderful wedding photo.
    Here’s my salute to being “timeless — certainly no less so than those archaic dragons” !!

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