Of These and All

In celebration of World Poetry Day, I offer the following “syntactic echo” of the ineffably ingenious innovator of American Poetry, Walt Whitman. This poetic exercise was the brainchild of one Alessandra Lynch (i.e., I’m not entirely to blame…), instructor/facilitator of my spring 2021 Poetry Workshop in the Butler University MFA Program. 

Of These and All

  “And of these one and all I weave the song of myself”     ~ Walt Whitman, Song of myself 15

The left flesh-melon harbors a pool of sweat, the right flesh-melon harbors a
             pool of sweat,
The perimenopausal woman hot-flashes in the kitchen, the bemused son dons 
            wool slippers in the kitchen,
The second husband purchases electric socks for his perimenopausal wife and

             the ex-husband dissociates further from his ex-wife;
And these stoke my hankerings for donuts, and I make do with home-baked
             banana-nut muffins, 
And such as it is to amass five decades of knowledge, minus where I last left my phone,
             more or less I am in fact speaking on it,
And of these hot flashes, cantankerous joints, suddenly-uncloseable pants and all I 
             justify the lament of my middle-age…



14 thoughts on “Of These and All

  1. Yes, I agree! However, they’re very helpful, even sent me a video, made specifically for me on the spot, on how to format my original poems so that they’d transcribe exactly, especially since I don’t like double-space. It had to do with hard and soft returns and it was all new to me. I can send it to you if that’s your issue. Anyway, I was perfectly happy with the original editor and for sure it takes longer now to post!

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    • Oh, yes, please send the video! I’d already been doing a weird html workaround to compensate for the “classic editor’s” stupid double-spacing …*wwhhhyyyyy?*… and now with the ridiculous, useless “blocks,” it’s been all the more of a convoluted wrestling match just to post a poem.

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  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading (and rereading) this one, Stephanie. I found Whitman’s #15 and read through that (my first and probably only time). While you could probably extend your portrait of modern woman going through change, I think you’ve captured the essence that THIS woman surely identifies with! And delightfully so. Fantastic inclusion of son’s presence, of fixation on food while bulging just a bit in the midsection, and of 2nd marriage realities! (Exes inevitably tag along into 2nd marriages in intangible ways!)
    You’ve just kickstarted my day (yes, it’s almost noon, but I’m a slow starter some days) – thanks!

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