4 Poems up at Isacoustic*


My poems, “Insomniac’s Fugue,” “Terminal,” “Cephalopod,” and “Self Portrait as Ellipsis” are now live at Isacoustic*. Editor Barton Smock is an excellent curator of rich, diverse, compelling poetry, and I’m honored to have my work included among such impressive ranks!


8 thoughts on “4 Poems up at Isacoustic*

  1. Such timing … four Stephanie poems to peruse while I wait for my doc appointment! There’s a lovely salt-water aquarium to pacify waiters, but I opted for stimulation and read these 4 several times each. Truly resonate with Ellipsis as “portrait” … even when I THINK I’ve been heard word-for-word often it turns out I was not … whatever words filled the space were heard as dot-dot-dot. Thanks for an afternoon of poetic introspection (more useful than the doc’s inspection).

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