Poem up at Panoply!


“Woolly Howl” by Cameren Harper

My poem “Awakening” is now live in issue 17 of the fabulous online journal, Panoply! I’m immensely grateful to editors Jeff Santosuosso, Andrea Walker, and Ryn Holmes for selecting this piece, and for their passion and impeccable professionalism as promoters of poetry and Poet-kind!

7 thoughts on “Poem up at Panoply!

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  2. Stephanie, congrats …
    And thank you for leading my thoughts/heart back to dragons. Love the summons internalized as I read “with wings loosed in the sunlight, & cries / that white-cap the seas & split the moorlands”!
    I have an odd adoration for dragons collectively, and a small collection of dragon collectibles. I grew up with next to zero awareness of dragons as anything beyond fiction. Then I had kids, and the dragons flooded my premises and my consciousness!! For years my teenage daughter collected dragon figurines (in the era when I collected cat figurines). When she went off to college, she began selling them on eBay. I balked at that for several I’d paid for and loved. And through all this my son was very into D&D – I wish I could pinpoint his age (probably about 20) when he gifted me on my birthday with a gorgeous gargoyle with a cat face – explaining that it was not “just a cat, Mom – it’s your guardian – put it by your bed”. I did. It’s still there. Reading here about your inner dragon, I’m inspired … there’s a poem somewhere about my inner feline guarded by this gargoyle!

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    • It took me so long to rediscover and reclaim that ferocity that had guarded me throughout my childhood. I was reared by an inner dragon, but that didn’t necessarily make it “easy–talking to dragons”… Getting in touch with our spirit creatures is as rewarding as it is grueling, though. I look forward to meeting your feline/gargoyle in verse! šŸ˜€šŸ’œ

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