4 thoughts on “Meditation on Love

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  2. Stephanie, this is gorgeous artwork! I saw it tiny (iPhone) while we were camping … waited to get it into my computer for full effect before responding. WOW! I’ve never thought of cicadas as beautiful, but you’ve shown it in radiance … and the closer I stare, the more other images I’m finding (maybe I’m conjuring them?) embedded in the eyes, other subsets of the total.
    Intriguing to ponder reproduction w/o bodily connection to another of my species … would such render me this colorful?
    Also intriguing that you’ve reversed the popular ekphrastic challenge of poetry stemming from image. Impressive!!

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    • Oh, darling Jazz! Your appreciation for the way I see and render the world outside of myself makes me feel like I belong here! Thank you!
      As for the reverse ekphrasis thing, it’s strange, but I’ve been doing this with words, including my own, since before I even knew what ekphrastic poetry was. The banner of my blog’s home page (above) was actually a response to my poem, “Travel by Starlight.” I think there’s a version of that poem in The Death’s-Head’s Testament.

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      • You for sure belong!
        Wish I had the skills to draw/paint images in my head. Both my kids got it from somewhere. Likely early on my perfectionist stifled my creativist. That caught up with my son in his 30s as he got more and more into his technical field. When he came home last summer I asked if he’d like materials for drawing and he shook his head, saying “I don’t do that anymore” – yet he died with a graphic inked onto his arm a few days earlier – explained (when fresh) as “my last sketch”.

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