Two Poems up at Spoonie Journal!

I unfortunately never got my hands on Matthew’s soup photos in infrared…

I’m honored and proud that my poems “Infrared” and “Terminal”* are represented among the pages of the fantastic inaugural edition of Spoonie Press Literary Journal! Please take some time to peruse the user-friendly website, and consider purchasing a copy of the gorgeous print edition.

I’m grateful to editor Sara Watkins for including my work in the scope of her visionary, inspiring, gorgeous project. Congratulations to all the contributors whose combined efforts have resulted in this truly special collection of literature and art.


*Links to accessible, text-only versions of the poems + audio recordings. 

10 thoughts on “Two Poems up at Spoonie Journal!

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  2. Gods, these are both so good – congratulations! As a spoonie myself I’m always surprised by that moment when a poem I’ve half-feared reading because it’s likely too close to the bone lands ends up warming me to the marrow.

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  3. Congratulations – both poems intrigue as I read myself (& my son) into the scenarios … I especially resonate with:
    What profit is to be / won of our climbing— // of so much inching along / the highest branches until //
    they can no longer bear / our weight—

    Thank goodness IBM nudged me into early retirement before I crashed down on my own skull from over-assuming all manner of nonrealities. Hindsight of my last 10 years there? Definitely “squirrely”!
    [Yesterday marked 20 years grounded – 19.5 years since meeting my stabilizer.]

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