Cento Published in The Night Heron Barks

I’m pleased to share that my poem, “(Cento) Because the world is,” is now live in the magnificent collection of visual and literary art that is the Spring 2022 issue of The Night Heron Barks. I’m grateful to editor Rogan Kelly for including my cento (a poem cobbled together from the words of other poets) among such a lineup of literary stars (please do check them out!). What an honor! 

13 thoughts on “Cento Published in The Night Heron Barks

  1. So atmospheric and lovely. I love the notion of a cento – the asynchronous, unplanned meeting of poetic minds — and the result, when done with discernment, as this most certainly is. Bravo!

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    • Oh, Cate, thank you! The few detractors of the cento as a form I’ve encountered seem to think such “borrowing” of esteemed materials is too easy, as if it automatically sets you up for a win, but as you’ve discerned, there’s nothing automatic or guaranteed about it. It can be a fantastic way to celebrate what and how others’ poems speak to and work their symphonies on us, but it requires due reverence and patience.

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  3. Stephanie, this tantalizes on each re-read – then I’m all the more tantalized by thoughts of creating such from fragments pulled from here and there – hats off to your intuitive weaving!
    And congratulations – Night Heron Barks is a gorgeous venue.

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