16 thoughts on “Poem up at The Winnow Magazine!

    • Aww! Thank you, dear Lynne! The challenge of this poem was to find my way back from yet another horror (specifically one that took place two years ago, and it still seems there’s no end in sight to world of existential crisis…), because we have to persevere, as the alternative to doing so isn’t one…

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  1. Stephanie, this is fantastic … for its ultimate message, and for the many little steps getting there. I applaud the details of daily habit as “way” and thus as “God”.

    This came while I was traveling, but I waited to get home to a big screen to read it. Winnow did a beautiful layout!

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    • Thanks so much, Jazz! Yes, I was really pleased with the “way” things turned out in The Winnow. It’s so rewarding when you can tell that the editors put that extra bit of care into showcasing their authors’ work. 😊

      I hope you had a great time traveling!

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